2008 Credits

Sarah McCullagh
Pom Pon Clinic XIII

Saturday, February 11th, 2012
9:00AM to 1:00PM
Woodstock High School
Main Gym

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A big smiling Sarah thank you to:

Executive Director

Lorna Wolff
Sara Wolff


Dave Lichtenheld

The 2007-2008 Woodstock High School
Dance Teams


Cristina Aguilar Jenae Cherry
Carly Farrenkopf Emilie Gill
Alex Gladstone Tess Grembowski
Mallory Grembowski Autumn Hoey
Hannah Huff Laura Krieg
Stephanie Lorr Jessica Miller
Kassie Mueller Robin Sobel Stephanie Tate

Mary Fredricksen Kara Ungaro


Michelle Aggacid Katie Behrns
Alexis Caman Olivia Deihs
Desi Doyen Emily Doyle
Sarah Furst Zonje Halili
Olivia Hunt Megan Major
Sarah McGregor Jenna Redemske
Kayla Spethman Kacie Swanson

Leslie Johnson (2001) ***


Autumn Hoey (2008) *
Stephanie Tate (2008) *
Jenae Cherry
(2008) *


Kara Ungaro
Mary Fredricksen
Leslie Johnson

Still Photography

Karen Robbins
Karen Robbins Photography

Leslie Johnson
David Chwalisz


Eric Rossi
Sarah Gersh
Sara Wolff


Ann Arnold
Donna Brandt
Bev Greene
Colleen Jackson
Mary Jean Kiefer
Stephanie Kohlman **
Cindy Lichtenheld
Erika Liedtke
Emily Manzo
Gina O'Connor
Toby Parker
Karen Robbins
Nancy Schwab
Michelle Sobey
Nicole Wegner **
Maggie Woznicki**
** indicates a Pom Alumna

Woodstock High School

Glen Wilson, Athletic Director
Corey Tafoya, Principal
Tom Hoven & The Custodial Staff

Years indicate a WHS student or alumna class
*Indicates a WHS student or alumna.
**Indicates a WHS alumna Pom
***Indicates a WHS Pom Spirit Award winner
****Indicates a Sarah McCullagh Scholarship Alumna Pom

The Sarah McCullagh Scholarship will be presented annually to the senior WHS Pom who most exemplifies what we loved most about Sarah:
her spirit,
her smile,
her friendship,
her loyalty,
her leadership,
her confidence,
and her love.

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