Clinic 2007

Sarah McCullagh
Pom Pon Clinic XIII

Saturday, February 11th, 2012
9:00AM to 1:00PM
Woodstock High School
Main Gym

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64 girls plus 31 Poms


Princess Mix:

Cinderella chat from “When You're Driving Through
  The Moonlight; A Lovely Night”
  from the 1965 cast recording of “Cinderella”
“Pop Princess” by Ashley Argota
  from the 2006 release “Dreams Come True”,
“Cinderella” by the Cheetah Girls
  from the 2003 release “Cheetah Girls”

Music selected and mixed by Jenae Cherry & Emilie Gill


Emilie Gill (JV) & Jenae Cherry (V)


Glitter Magic Wand


Concept: Emilie Gill & Jenae Cherry


Design: Emilie Gill (2009), Jenae Cherry (2008)
Creative Consultants: Tom Lohmeier, HMT Enterprises
Anne Rosenberger, David Chwalisz

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