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Sarah McCullagh
Pom Pon Clinic VI

Saturday, February 5th, 2005
9:00AM to 1:00PM
Woodstock High School
Main Gym


Thanks to everyone that picked up their video. If you want to purchase extras for family or friends, please call Dave at 815-337-7429 or visit the Clinic Store.

Executive (?)

David Chwalisz

Principal Videography

David Perez
Afterglow Creative Services

Additional Videography

John Firak*


David Perez
Afterglow Creative Services

Handholding and Production Consultant

Harold Rail
Afterglow Creative Services

Years indicate a WHS student or alumna class
*Indicates a WHS student or alumna.
**Indicates a WHS alumna Pom
***Indicates a Sarah McCullagh Scholarship Alumna Pom

Thanks to our
2005 Video

Pat Larsen, Prudential First Realty Woodstock


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