2004 Afterword

Sarah McCullagh
Pom Pon Clinic V

Saturday, February 14th, 2004
9:00AM to 1:00PM
Woodstock High School
Main Gym

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2004 T-shirt

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A big smiling Sarah thank you to:

Executive Director

Lorna Wolff


Dave Lichtenheld

The 2003-2004 Woodstock High School Pom Pon Squad


Laura Anderson Alyssa Bock
Justine Caywood Cassie Conkling
Kelsey Duhai Christina Fisher
Taryn Fisher Kayt Griffith
Stephanie Kohlman Erin Kriete
Julie Levans Chrissy Rossi
Chelsea Steiner Amy Teague
Maggie Woznicki


Georgina Alanis Cassie Bertsch
Ashley Brenner Stephanie Crawley
Kasey Doran Molly Fogarty
Kristen Gillaspie Nichola Justen
Cammi Kayse Lori Mock
Bridget Saladin Kristen Schramer
Angie Troy Emily Walkington
Chantal Wegner

Gwen Jacobs, Advisor

The Pom Alumni

Leslie Johnson, 2001
Nicole Wegner, 2001

The Pom Alumni

Kari Brandt, 1999
Lindsay Clifton, 1999
Tymalyn Dooner, 2001
Erin Morgan, 2000
Hilary Purdy, 2003
Katie Schisler, 2003
Michelle Schmidt, 1999
Rachel Wendt, 2003


Kara Ungaro, Choreography
Mary Fredricksen, Clinic Advisor


Stacy Lohmeier*
Karen Robbins


Karin Bolwahnn
Leland Humbertson*
Colleen Jackson
Mary Jean Kiefer
Leah Krandel*
Cindy Lichtenheld
Sam Mascaro
Georgia Gehrmann
Katie Walkington*
Sara Walkington*, 2000

Woodstock High School

John Van Fleet, Athletic Director
Dean Schultz, Principal
Tom Hoven & The Custodial Staff

Years indicate a WHS alumna Pom
*Year indicates a WHS student or alumna.

The Sarah McCullagh Scholarship will be presented annually to the senior WHS Pom who most exemplifies what we loved most about Sarah:
her spirit,
her smile,
her friendship,
her loyalty,
her leadership,
her confidence,
and her love.

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