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This is who we miss, and why we miss her, and why we will never forget her. We dedicate this site to Sarah and to you, her friends, who gave her so much pleasure and so much to do in her short time on this Earth

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Sarah McCullagh was born on March 22nd, 1982 to Bette and Douglas McCullagh in Cleveland, Ohio. She suffered from asthma and some other allergies, a perforated eardrum and other assorted maladies, but always managed to wear a smile. Mostly.

She attended Camp Seafarer in Arapahoe NC on the Neuse River for several summers. These were one month stays followed by trips to her grandparents' in New Bern. She got real used to being gone, and it was hard to keep her home! But on those trips she came back, ready to go back to school and missing her friends desperately.

In 1997, in a trip sponsored by Camp Seafarer she flew first to Camp and then to Australia. It was a great trip. Stop by and see the memory book she made.

In March 1999, she traveled with Dave and Bette, friends and another family on a short cruise of the Caribbean - her best vacation ever. That summer we went on a tour east with grandparents, stopping to tour colleges on the way -- Miami of Ohio, U of Maryland, Pitt on our way to spend a few days in Cape Cod. She slept a lot and we all agreed it was a great trip.

Sarah, the only daughter of Bette, Dave, and Doug, died August 24, 1999 of a severe asthma attack after jogging. We were going to eat dinner. Rest in peace.

More to come as we think of it...

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